Forthcoming Events

Hope Farm Webinar series 2022

Register for free to hear from a range of speakers across the carbon, agricultural and conservation sectors to ask these fundamental questions:

26th January 2022 - Carbon and Nature Friendly Farming

How can arable farming reduce its carbon footprint whilst working with nature?

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23rd February 2022 - Future ELMS and Future Nature Friendly Farming

How can we farm profitably and sustainably in the future with the use of Environmental Land Management Schemes?

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16th March 2022 - Agroforestry

How can agroforestry work for the farm business, for nature, to store carbon, and improve the sustainability of agriculture

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Groundswell - Regenerative Agriculture show and conference

22nd and 23rd June 2022

Visit the RSPB stand to find out more about Farm Wildlife and the Fair to Nature scheme